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                **Part-time Job Opening** 
We are looking to add an individual to our Sauder team to work in the Warehouse and Delivery Department.

Various tasks of the job will include:
• Unpacking and checking over furniture
• Unloading trucks
• Furniture set up and inspection
• Delivering furniture into client's homes
• In store display and set up

However, we are a small company and each of us wear a lot of hats, so a requirement of said employee is a flexibility and willingness to jump in and help wherever they are asked.

This job also REQUIRES one to have the ability to lift heavy furniture and maneuver it cleanly into and throughout client's homes. This includes up and down stairs and through tight spaces.
Potential employees are also expected to represent Sauder Furniture in a professional and cost effective manner on the job and outside of it.

We are a tight knit family business that hopes to retain employees for long tenures. If this employment opportunity is of interest please apply below!

We’re Hiring

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